Friday, June 5, 2009

Trip Back to the CO

Recently i returned for a visit to Colorado for Lisa's Bridal Shower (I am one of the brides maids) and for my 23 Birthday. Luckily I was born on the 24th of May and every year people gather at weekend to BBQ... but not really because of me, rather it is Memorial day weekend... Hooray for the 3 day Holiday! so in this jam packed weekend of fun i went to a BBQ at my old boss's house with my friend Jay, had a double birthday dinner with Chrissy, received my bridesmaids dress (thank goodness it fits), helped set up and throw Lisa's Bridal Shower, and Had another BBQ with family on Monday. these are pictures from that adventure.
this little boy is the son of one of the regulars at the bowling center that i worked and bartended at... what a cutie

This is my old friend Jay, he is a good guy, and can grow facial hair like no ones business.

Oh Look!! I am really excited in this picture only because that guy is my friend and old co-bartender Drew that will never have his picture taken, this is my birthday present from him.

Annie and Dave Regulars with hearts of gold, it is funny how much you learn about people from the other side of a neighborhood bar.

One of Roy and Delia's (old bosses) Sweet dogs.

And here are all my girls, we really know no personal space around each other.

Lisa's Bridal Shower, Note it was a stormy day and about a half hour to an hour into the shower (after everyone had time to eat) the power went out. but the party continued and was Wonderful!

Beautiful Amanda (Lisa's Maid of Honor) and I.

"Lisa are you enjoying the shower?" ..... Lisa's response "Cheese"

The Bridal party from left to right: Minny (the grooms little sister), Chrissy, Amanda (maid of Honor), Lisa (bride), Jenny (brides sister), and the funny one on the end is me.

And here's Monday at the house. Say hi to Mom! out in her amazing garden. (i have a cute mom)

Nephew Tyler is always thinking, and he also knows which flowers in Grandmas lawn he can eat.


Austin (my oldest Nephew) what a surprise he is turning into a little man. I can't believe how much he has grown.
the first morning in town i woke up to Tyler playing on the stairs and asking me if i knew his brother (Austin)
the boys found some of my old art stuff at Grandma and Grandpas house, and Austin now enjoys drawing... i could swear only yesterday he was learning to write his name

Oh and there's my mom again, got to love her.
Aaron (my Brother) is doing great things and following his dreams to. his two beautiful boys and growing up to fast and I am just happy to have them in my life.
The icing on the cake was this really cool sundae dish from kyles parents, put to use right away. Well i came back to L.A. a year older and more determined than ever to make my dreams come to life. I look forward to everything the next year brings me, bring it on!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Santa Monica Pier

Having mom in LA was the perfect excuse to take out my camera... Finally. For Easter we walked that pier and beach of Santa Monica. (Above: the Carousel)

me taking the typical self snapshot, using my awesome new on camera flash Gary Fong attachment... wow that's a mouth full.

My mother being her truly happy self, the nut doesn't fall far from the tree Ladies and Gentlemen

RIDES... what more could you want?

On the beach was crosses and symbols to memorialize those lost in the war

Mom in here natural habitat

Fortune teller in a box

All in all after working off the candy by walking all day and a bird misshape on the beach (love you mom) It was a great Easter.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Some just aren't into Easter (like adders)... some really are, either way let me show you how i spent Easter.

Mom came to town
and chaos ensued.... and this is what we have to show for it

Take 1 fancy glass, 1 part Jellybeans

2 parts Pina Colada

and you get an...... Easter Colada.
that was just the Saturday night, stay tuned to hear about Sunday
Happy Easter Colada to all

Sunday, March 1, 2009


A few days back I looked up local parks to find one that we could maybe jog to; I found one a little over a mile away. That is pretty close to the place Kyle jogs to daily (he has a crazy amount of endurance) myself on the other hand, all though still giving jogging a shot, get winded going around the block. So rather than run we loaded up lunch and walked to the park for a picnic today. It is a really nice park, still not anyplace you would want to be stuck in at night though. It is pretty small compared to normal Colorado parks but it was so full of life. We obviously weren't the only ones with the picnic in the park idea, people were coming near and far bringing their mini BBQ pits and everything. we had a great time.
here is the proof that we really did get out of the house

And we couldn't forget the Addmaster3000...he was reunited with the mysterious and elusive squirrel. he enjoyed the walk and it was a beautiful day but by the time we got home that little dog was ready to sleep the rest of the day away.
for Kyle and I, our day goes as follows.
Make yogurt sauce
make pasta salad
pack a lunch and go to the park
make tamales
Drink Kool-aid
make a quiche
Drink Kool-aid
make grape leaves
Drink Kool-aid
make pita bread
do 6 loads of laundry
and I get ready for my Orientation for my new Bank Teller job tomorrow

Going to the Getty

Last weekend we went to the Getty with our friend Brain. /\
that is not Brian, that is a boy in a dress painted in Victorian times

Somethings are larger than life. and the small guy in front is Brain.

there is a great view of a hill vineyard

Picture of old men... the art seems as if it is looking at them and they are not looking at it.

I like that they must post no poking the art.

stairs to nowhere
view of the city

Saturday, February 21, 2009


We spent last weekend making food, (yeah, I know) and you missed it. On the menu tamales!! Green Chilies, corn and pepper jack cheese with masa dough.

despite what it looks like I really did help make them
Show off!

See I really am a hard worker

In total we had about 30 tamales, 24 made it to the freezer, 6 went "missing" m'mmm.