Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dog days

Interview 1 is under my belt, it was a group interview so I will be left waiting up to 10 days to hear back.
So in other news I was going to create an up date blog on how Adder and took pictures of him for a whole week, lets check the results. Note the grey thing is a space heater and Adders loves warmth

And that is Adders' week

Monday, January 19, 2009

Interview 1 (bank teller)

So a girl needs to do what a girl needs to do. Wish me luck I have an interview tomorrow morning. This is not a photo job or dream of any kind but a bank teller opening. The way I see it there is nothing wrong with getting my feet beneath me. Make no mistake I am still a photographer without doubt, but in air of the clouded economy a job is a job. I am really excited and hope that I get it, learning something new is a hobby of mine. I have bartended, managed a bowling center, moved out of state; I know how to line dance, pack a bullet, and give speeches. I have many more things I want to know and managing my money better may be small but boy it is something. so cross those fingers and cross those toes cause here we come.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back from the Holidays

Hello everyone, it has been a while. First things first the hole in the wall was patched up and it hard to notice any difference. Now back to where I have been and why it hasn't been blogging. We just returned back to Los Angeles from Colorado where we spent the holidays. It was wonderful to be home and see everyone. we barely missed snow in Las Vegas, and arrived for the nicest weather Denver has had in a while. Although Adders still thought it was too cold. So let me show you what I've been doing starting at Christmas lunch at Mom and Dads.

My Nephew Tyler
and Austin

And my Brother and I

Us with Mom

Dad and the boys
Austins getting in touch with his art side
Tyler.... well i don't know what he is doing, but he is cute
on New Years Eve we through a small party with friends, but what is everyone looking at?Oh that's what they are looking at. here's Kyle and Dad jamming before we headed home This is the ice on inside window on the driving home through the mountains.

And here is to leaving Colorado

Oh and Adders is back in LA too but this time with what he thinks was his Christmas present. Our Space heater for chilly mornings. Also known as Adders new best friend.

and there's Us too

I want to extend special thanks to Kyles parents (two of the most amazing people I will ever meet). For everything, the comfortable bed to sleep in, a beautiful Christmas and opening your hearts to me. oh and having Kyle.
Also A huge Thank you to Mom and Dad (Jim) it was so great to spend time with you and it makes me realize how much I miss you guys. Christmas lunch was the best so far and it was good to hear that guitar again.
It was a great time so for all of you Happy Holidays and may the New Year be a good one.