Wednesday, December 10, 2008

hole in the wall

We have a hole in our wall! Last night around 1:30 am we noticed water on our floor in the kitchen. about an hour before we heard water running that sounded a lot like someone was taking a shower in a near by apartment. Turns out the unit next to use is vacant and water must have been leaking, we heard the manager vacuuming and wiping things down than the sound no one wants to here POUNDING on the wall. A few moments later we get a knock on the door he said there was a problem with the pipe that connects between the 2 sinks and he would need to put a hole in the wall. NO NOT MY PRETTY TILE... oh well after about 30-45 mins he was done.

The problem was a small hole in the pipe about the size of a nail hole. anyway who says tape and trash bags don't fix anything?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Trip to Florida

Wednesday I left to Florida to photograph my nephew Jack and see my step Brother Jamey and Sister in Law Jamie (I LOVE Them!!). The journey began with a stop in Colorado for a night to see friends, the sweet Chrissy D, Manda and Ryan. Hung out with mom too. Thursday was a lucky day when at the airport it started to snow and a flight at the gate that I was to leave threatened to delay my flight to Florida by over 2 hours. A quick change of gates and the flight left only a half hour behind schedule.

In the morning I saw baby Jack! He is growing up to fast and is adorable!!! We got a lot of real fun photos this weekend. Jamie girl also had an event with her and her company Confetti that she put together a candy bar for. I took a Real Goody bag home!! (thank you)

On the way home to Los Angeles there was another stop over in Colorado... when I landed I called mom to tell her we were in the same state. she said we are waiting for you. When exited to plane there at the gate was Mom and Jim. He was catching a flight for work and mom printed herself out a ticket (she works for the airlines) to get threw security so we could eat lunch together. That was a great surprise.
the flight home

Before leaving Jamie Girl and I decided to lend my services to the neighborhood families that had not had Christmas pictures taken. The appointments filled up nicely and I made enough to pay my half of rent and met some really wonderful families! It felt good to be taking pictures and although I am not really into retail photography I can't replace the joy of having the camera in my hands. On the flight into Florida I was siting next to a co-worker of my moms, a real nice lady. We talked about photography, and in that conversation I told her a lot about my dreams and passion for it, things I thought may come crashing down when college was done and I relocated to Los Angeles. I realize now even with a dead job market, in a new place with no job I am still just as passionate about photography as I ever was.

Skyfox Comes to Town

A lot has happened in the past few week. lets start with the Sunday before last, my Friends from Skyfox (a great Colorado band) came into town to record their EP. It was a great day out, Hollywood Blvd. was having a Christmas parade and concert ( don't get to excited it was put on by Disney). T.P. wanted to see the real Freddy Kruger's house... which is a real residential house. I know because we tried not to be creepers watching the house as the daughter friend come over.

Lunch was at a hole in the wall Mexican joint that is the self proclaimed "Home of the Famous Flaming Margaritas" 2 of the guys tried them...both fruit flavored Very manly.

After that we headed back to the hotel that backed up into the Kodak Theater. Took in some kiddy music in the Disney concert, and saw the Hollywood tree in the mall.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome Home

so if you have ever wondered what the apartment look like and how we arranged things, hold your hats on cause this is the moment you've been waiting for. Drum room please. the Retro Kitchenwith mating dinning room

our Black and White bathroom

the office area

And the main room, our bed is the futon couch that is against the black and white striped wall. the Kitchen/Dinning room is the doorway to the right and the doorway on the left is the bathroom

Mom Comes to Town

We picked my mom up at LAX at 1am Saturday morning after snow delays coming out of Denver. Lets say see really enjoys California weather right now.

After a quick night sleep we were off to my mothers favorite place in the world... the beach.

And there she is... doesn't she look happy? I told you it is her favorite place. Behind her is the Santa Monica Pier.

After walking around four miles may be more, it was time to sit down. We eat at a restaurant called "poon tai" (not a well thought out name) to watch the ugliest fish ever swim around and the server make a sacrifice of berry soda to her Gods. than it was back to the airport to drop mom off. It was great to see her and sad to see her go.