Wednesday, December 10, 2008

hole in the wall

We have a hole in our wall! Last night around 1:30 am we noticed water on our floor in the kitchen. about an hour before we heard water running that sounded a lot like someone was taking a shower in a near by apartment. Turns out the unit next to use is vacant and water must have been leaking, we heard the manager vacuuming and wiping things down than the sound no one wants to here POUNDING on the wall. A few moments later we get a knock on the door he said there was a problem with the pipe that connects between the 2 sinks and he would need to put a hole in the wall. NO NOT MY PRETTY TILE... oh well after about 30-45 mins he was done.

The problem was a small hole in the pipe about the size of a nail hole. anyway who says tape and trash bags don't fix anything?

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