Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Skyfox Comes to Town

A lot has happened in the past few week. lets start with the Sunday before last, my Friends from Skyfox (a great Colorado band) came into town to record their EP. It was a great day out, Hollywood Blvd. was having a Christmas parade and concert ( don't get to excited it was put on by Disney). T.P. wanted to see the real Freddy Kruger's house... which is a real residential house. I know because we tried not to be creepers watching the house as the daughter friend come over.

Lunch was at a hole in the wall Mexican joint that is the self proclaimed "Home of the Famous Flaming Margaritas" 2 of the guys tried them...both fruit flavored Very manly.

After that we headed back to the hotel that backed up into the Kodak Theater. Took in some kiddy music in the Disney concert, and saw the Hollywood tree in the mall.

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