Sunday, March 1, 2009


A few days back I looked up local parks to find one that we could maybe jog to; I found one a little over a mile away. That is pretty close to the place Kyle jogs to daily (he has a crazy amount of endurance) myself on the other hand, all though still giving jogging a shot, get winded going around the block. So rather than run we loaded up lunch and walked to the park for a picnic today. It is a really nice park, still not anyplace you would want to be stuck in at night though. It is pretty small compared to normal Colorado parks but it was so full of life. We obviously weren't the only ones with the picnic in the park idea, people were coming near and far bringing their mini BBQ pits and everything. we had a great time.
here is the proof that we really did get out of the house

And we couldn't forget the Addmaster3000...he was reunited with the mysterious and elusive squirrel. he enjoyed the walk and it was a beautiful day but by the time we got home that little dog was ready to sleep the rest of the day away.
for Kyle and I, our day goes as follows.
Make yogurt sauce
make pasta salad
pack a lunch and go to the park
make tamales
Drink Kool-aid
make a quiche
Drink Kool-aid
make grape leaves
Drink Kool-aid
make pita bread
do 6 loads of laundry
and I get ready for my Orientation for my new Bank Teller job tomorrow


Jessica said...

six loads of laundry??? aren't there only two of you? i do six loads of laundry :-)

Oh, and I &heart kool-aid, esp. tropical punch.

Jessica said...

hey, yahoo says if I did &hearts it would make a heart...what gives?

Jessica said...

Okay, wikianswers said hold ALT and #3 on the keypad at the same worked.
Now we know. (maybe you already did)

Brenda said...

Looks like your having fun. I Miss You Guys! xxx ooo