Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Spot and a Job

A lot has happened since we last spent time together so allowed me to do a quick synopsis of the events you missed.

Mom flew in for lunch; We went to The Spot at Hermosa beach(as seen on the food network) All vegetarian. I had a Burger made of nuts on a nut and oats bun, it was good but by the end sometime you feel like a nut and sometimes you Don't.

As always it is great to see Mom.

...and that is about the only thing you missed

I did had a second interview before the Bank Teller position was discontinued... so close yet so far. In the mean time I talked to over 20 companies about job possibility's, Photo labs, Studios, Equipment Rentals, Production Companies... none of which are hiring and many have started laying off employees (but I am lucky to still have my foot in the door when they pick back up)... So in loo of recent events I have broaden my search, applying to Grocery stores, smoothie shops, Framing/art stores, and ice cream parlors. And I GOT A JOB.

I am now employed at Baskin Robins and am responsible for all 31 Flavors. the best part is it is part time and I can pursue photography on the other time.

a Job is a Job and i am happy to have it.

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