Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just another day in November

So the job hunt is a little bleak, life in LA without a car is not easy. My plan is to find a bartending gig to get my feet under me and save some money for a down payment on a car. Still i am very happy to be here though. It is an adventure everyday.

Again that is the apartment building

I am all for equal rights but really Homo milk can't we change the name :)

And in our building this is our fire alarm... in case of emergency we are... Fuct?

Around 4:45ish the building to the left of us (all you really see from our window) turned pink. i had yet to take in a California sunset, so thought going to the roof would be worth the time. Lo and behold it was great. i hope this cures moms ailing for a clear sky.

Little guy thought it was great too.
Other thoughts of the day are needed to do laundry, and what to do for Thanksgiving... I don't think we are doing Tofurky (Kyle is a Vieggie)... I am not a huge tofu fan. may be pizza :)
well anyway wish me luck and I will write soon

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