Friday, November 7, 2008

Why am i here?

So this is my contact and tracking of my adventures in my life. As a recent college graduate in Denver, CO (where I have lived all my life) I decided to move to Los Angeles, CA. I know, I know big change, but i have big dreams of becoming a famous photographer and this city is the place to do that. Now join me on my journey as I pursue my passion in a big new city.

The adventure starts with myself, my boyfriend Kyle and his little doggy, Atticus. First on the to do list was the pack and move. There was a deal at budget on 16footers so we had way more room than needed.

Hitting the road early on Thursday Oct. 30

The first leg of the trip is taking on the Rocky Mountains and Vail pass.... We Survived

Stopped in Glennwood Springs and the Budget truck features Mr. Kyle and little dog face... Adders
And Here I am as the star of the Ford Explorer. ( oh yeah I am traveling to L.A. without a car with hopes of buying one when I get an amazing job.) And the camera that gets the job done for the trip... JVCLeaving Colorado on i-70 heading into UtahI had to take a picture of this and make sure I wasn't making it up.... HOLY WATER... yes you know you are in Utah when...I Drove Kyles car into old age

Lunch in at a gas station in Greenriver, Utah with a view... but didn't see any greenrivers

So there are pretty parts of Utah

Yeah just passing time being artsyThe BIGGEST bug casualty of the trip

If you look very close on the right side of this picture is the welcome to Nevada sign

Just take one guess what All those lights are off in the distance... Vegas

And this is where I parked after getting separated from the boys after a mix up trying to get on the highway after filling up the gas in Vegas...I don't really think I like this city!

So we drove to Primm to sleep.
Neither of the boys are morning types

yep that is where we stayed

Welcome to California

They say it barely rains here but it rained twice in the first week, once on the way in and a few days later, so that could be all the rain for the year
It felt so good to have everything out of the truck and in the 4th floor apartment that it never crossed my mind to take a pic of the building... so that will come soon
The boys... Sadly in a different turn of events Adders got very sick the second day and had to go to the dog hospital and stay about two days. he is back at home now and has been diagnosed with adisions ( he can't take rushes of adrenaline) but will be okay and just needs to take a pill everyday and gain some weight And I fit in the kitchen

So here we are.... California or Bust!

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