Thursday, November 27, 2008


MMmmm Thanksgiving again. It is skip breakfast to eat more at the feast of lunch, reheat or eat lukewarm turkey for dinner, leftover jello-salad for breakfast tomorrow, Turkey sandwich at noon, turkey and potatoes for dinner. By day 3 everything becomes one mash that is eaten daily until the beginning of October leaving time for everyone to forget how much the hate turkey by the end of November...Day.

My plan for the day
As most of you know Kyle is a vegetarian... No we are not having Tufurkey. On your fixed budget instant potatoes and boxed stuffing fallowed by easy bake snickerdoodle will do just fine.

Next year I may try and make a Turkey just for fun. I think it will be a themed: Hollywood Thanksgiving. Red carpet with a paparazzi wall, per-Madonna potatoes (young baby ones), the Hollywood hills of stuffing and a Turkey with tan lines and sunglasses.

I am Thankful to be here, Thankful that I have the love and support of family and friends and home in Colorado. Cheers to all

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